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What is Danga?

Danga Interactive was Brad Fitzpatrick's company (1998 ~ 2007) that developed LiveJournal and by necessity the backend software to drive it all. Danga was sold to Six Apart, LiveJournal was re-sold to SUP, Six Apart was acquired by SAY Media. This domain now exists just for old Danga employees' personal use, and to not break links.


Some of the software born at Danga:

memcached Distributed caching. Hit your database less. Speed up your website.
MogileFS Distributed (meta) file system. Spray files across cheap disks on your network. Pay less for storage. No proprietary on-disk file formats.
Perlbal HTTP reverse proxy load balancer and webserver, full of tricks, runtime configuration changes.
DJabberd High-performance, low-overhead, everything-is-a-plugin extensible Jabber/XMPP server.
Gearman Low-latency RPC load balancer and service router.
OpenID Decentralized identity.


Where are they now?

The old crew: